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Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh 

Welcome to the Early Childhood Division (TK), Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School. 

I-Satya Kidz:  Excellent, Smart and Happy 

The minds of young children are like fertile grounds. Seeds planted in their minds nurtured carefully will grow into strong trees of knowledge and action. We must not just focus on the minds and body. We have to touch the souls of our young children. Insyallah, our system will touch the soul of the child to house the strong roots of good character (akhlaq), love for Indonesia and faith in Allah SWT. 

At I-SATYA KIDZ, we have developed an international curriculum integrated with Islamic values and a pathway for young children to become leaders inspired by the Al-Quran and Hadith.
Early Childhood educators most of the time do not see the real fruits of their labour but they do realise that they have a big impact on the lives of the children they teach. They enjoy watching the children develop their learning skills, social skills and giving them room to develop their creativity. Our teachers are professionally trained to treat each child as a special individual, knowing their characters

and making sure that they are emotionally connected with themselves and their surroundings. Our teachers keep their focus on developing each child’s strengths and ensuring they are confident and at the same time happy. Our teachers pride themselves in giving love and affection to each and every child. 

More than results we are very focused on the processes of learning and character development. The identity of an I-Satya Kidz student is to develop a curiosity for learning and discover concepts, ideas and knowledge through projects, group studies, collaborative learning, field trips and play time. Playing is important in learning and we put an emphasis on that. An I-Satya Kidz child will have a head start in English as we incorporate an international curriculum and Islamic values will be integrated in the curriculum to develop their characters. We will adopt a system of leadership training that will allow our students to develop leadership skills so that they can become confident and well-adjusted students upon entering primary school. 

I am determined to ensure that we develop our children to become well-rounded, critical thinking and compassionate leaders of the future. My teachers and I are planting the program seeds of I-Satya Kidz now in their minds and souls and we promise to nurture it carefully to ensure that these students will become the future Khalifah fil Ard. Insyallah, we hope that parents continue to support us and our programmes so that we can work together to develop our children who will become the agents of change for good in Indonesia. I-Satya Kidz promises you care, love and a quality education! 

Wassalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

Your Sincerely,

Bustanul Arifin