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Assalaamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Ahlan wa Sahlan.
Welcome to Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School.

The lifestyle of today’s generation, also known as the millennial generation, is significantly different from the previous ones. Living in the midst of very high-speed internet connection and millions of apps enables them to solve complicated problems more effectively and efficiently. Generation Y, another name for the millennial, is not only able to communicate with the global community much easier through social media but also possess great opportunities to express their talents, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to make the world a better place to live in.

Nevertheless, millennials are also exposed to the negative effects of technology. Their over-dependence on smartphones are making them turn away from the realities of life and they are not sensitive to the needs of others. They may see themselves as global citizens so they may lose focus on local issues or they become so transfixed on local issues that they forget that they share a world with people with diverse cultures and worldviews. They may be more globally minded but may forget the wisdom and value of local customs and traditions. Many struggle for identity.

In this context, educational institutions in Indonesia have an important role to play. The situation will be more challenging after the Asean Economic Community (ACE) is being activated. This leads to a much higher level of competition in the economic field among nations in the region. Schools must strive to make sure that this tech-savvy generation can adapt quickly to significant changes in the world by equipping them with academic excellence through application and synthesis of knowledge, good character and important life skills. In short, they must be well-rounded, attain critical thinking skills and have compassion for humanity.

AI-Irsyad Satya Islamic School Junior College (JC) division has a strong commitment to provide a high-quality education. We have carefully designed an integrated curriculum that combines the national and international curriculum for academic subjects and offer an Islamic Studies programme that will deepen the students faith and understanding of Islam and its practices. Our curriculum content is consistently reviewed and improved. One of the review results is the implementation of the International Cambridge A-level science programme from AY 2017/2018 onwards. The programme will equip students with deeper understanding and higher level of thinking skills as a solid basis in preparation for university studies and also in preparation for the SNMPTN and SBMPTN tests.

Our teachers fully support all students to achieve academic and life targets. Individual consultations, motivational sessions as well as extra classes for the developing learners are set up to make sure that we prepare all of our students. No student is left behind. In addition, we support them to advance their aptitude in reading the Al-Quran, be self-disciplined and learn leadership skills through interesting and beneficial extra-curricular activities including community service programmes that allow them to deepen their sense of empathy and compassion.

Islamic Studies subjects are our top priority with the emphasis on strengthening students' faith and the development of akhlaq (character building). We believe that akhlaq is the real foundation to achieve academic excellence as well as providing guidance for their lives, particularly to protect themselves from them erroneous values when they enter the ‘real world’. Several steps are taken to improve students' spiritual intelligence. Not only are Islamic values infused in the curriculum but they are also featured in all of the students' activities. Islamic values become part of their everyday life. Students are not only taught to become good for their own benefit but are also educated to spread worthy values to other people through their words and actions.

To sum up, not only does Al Irsyad Satya JC have a strong commitment to create students as Khalifah fil Ard, but we also guide them be holistic human beings who possess spiritual, academic and social intelligence to improve Indonesia and the Ummah.


Your Sincerely,

Ridwan Siddiq